Free Halloween Kids Activity at JCPenney October 12th


Mark your calendars for this Saturday, October 12th. Not only can you take your kids to JCPenney for a free Halloween-themed activity, but you’ll also get a coupon to save while you shop. The craft event is going on at all participating JCPenney locations in the KidsZone section of the store from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Little Harvest Monsters Craft Event

This Saturday, your kids can participate in a fun-filled craft event that will also get you some free Halloween decor. They’ll be creating their own Little Harvest Monsters and decorating them however they’d like. JCPenney will supply all of the needed materials, and an associate will help them along the way.

Parents do have to be present, but they’ll give you a coupon for 10% off coupon to shop in-store. And yes, it can be combined with other coupons! The KidsZone events are always held on the second Saturday of each month, which is also the only day you can combine coupons at JCPenney to save even more.

Collect Them All

Your child will get to take home their craft project to show off to the whole family. They’ll also get an ID Badge, a lanyard, and collector’s pins. Once your child has completed 6 crafts at the JCPenney KidsZone, they’ll receive a Project Master Medallion. Kids love to make these fun crafts and collect pins as they work toward the medallion.

Get the kids out for this fun-filled event and check out their other craft events throughout the rest of the year, including the event on December 14th where they’ll be able to create their own Levi’s holiday t-shirt!