Get Lunch For Only $3 at Jimmy John’s


Jimmy John’s delivers freaky fast food right to your door, or you can eat in at any of their 2,800+ locations throughout the United States. They just introduced a new sandwich option that you can get for only 3 bucks. Choose your favorite Jimmy John’s sandwich in a skinny mini version, AKA the Little John.

Little John Announcement

In an announcement made by John Shea, chief marketing officer of Jimmy John’s, he stated, “Everything our customers love about a Jimmy John’s sandwich can be found in the all-new $3 Little John. … The combination of high-quality ingredients–all-natural meats, hand-sliced veggies, and fresh-baked bread–paired with a three dollar price point makes the Little John an incredible value.”

Who can argue with that? You’ll be hard-pressed to find any other deal for only 3 bucks made with fresh ingredients, which makes this a perfect choice for lunch.

Little John Sandwiches

Choose from many of their classic sandwiches in a mini version for less. Get the ham and provolone, roast beef, tuna salad, turkey, B.L.T., or even a mini Vito, which has salami and capicola. Just like all of the deli’s other sandwiches, you can customize the Little John with all of your favorite veggies at no extra charge.

Add cucumbers, Jimmy peppers, sliced pickles, sprouts, lettuce, onions, or tomato, as well as your favorite condiments like Grey Poupon Dijon mustard, vinegar and oil, Hellman’s mayonnaise, or Jimmy mustard absolutely free. Choose upgrades for just a little more, like their delicious avocado guacamole spread, bacon, or extra provolone cheese.