Buy One Get One at Buffalo Wild Wings

Buffalo Wild Wings, a.k.a. B-Dubs, is one of America’s favorite spots to get delicious chicken wings made just about any way you want them. Every Thursday they have a deal that will get you free wings with the purchase of wings!

The best part is that the buy-one-get-one-free deal is available at all of their 1200+ locations. Some locations even offer the same deal for takeout, too!

Free Wings Every Thursday!

If you want bone-in wings, you’ll have to go on Tuesday, but on Thursdays, you can get as many boneless wings as you want and get one free for each one you buy.

You won’t have to figure out what ‘size’ your order will be, either. There’s no such thing as small, medium, or large. Just order by number–but on Thursday you’ll want to make sure you pick an even number.

Boneless Style Wings Buy-One-Get-One-Free

At Buffalo Wild Wings, you don’t have to settle for wings made their way. They have a huge selection of wing styles so you can get the flavors you want and the quantity you want.

Choose from wing flavors including salt and vinegar, sweet bbq, lemon pepper, teriyaki, mild buffalo, parmesan garlic, chipotle bbq, blue moon bbq, honey bbq, smokey adobe, medium buffalo, traditional buffalo, spicy garlic, jammin’ jalapeno, Asian zing, desert heat, Caribbean jerk, Thai curry, Nashville hot, hot bbq, blazin’, mango habanero, or their signature wild sauce.

Bone-In Style Wings Buy-One-Get-One-Free

The buy-one-get-one-free deals are not limited to just one day a week. On Tuesdays, you can get any of their delicious wing flavors made to order in their bone-in style wings and get the buy-one-get-one-free deal as well.

Before you go for their bone-in wing or boneless wing freebie specials, be sure to sign up for the Buffalo Wild Wings rewards program to get even more freebies!

Buffalo Wild Wings Rewards Program

After you join, you’ll earn free food points for every dollar you spend, as well as having the chance to win prizes like free tickets and VIP packages. Not only that, you’ll get free wings during your birthday month. Not just the year you sign up, but every year – free birthday wings!

Join today and start getting your freebies and chances to win along with your delicious meals every time you visit. Go alone or take the entire family to keep earning every time you eat.

Join Buffalo Wild Wings Rewards