If you’re having a hard time finding snacks at your local grocer or just don’t want to venture out, you can order them on Zulily and have them shipped to your door.

They’ve marked down a number of different snack foods and will give you free shipping after your first order. To get the most of the deal, place an order for a small item and pay the shipping, then stock up on your second order and take advantage of the free shipping offer.

Snacks on Sale

One of the Netherlands’ famous tasty treats is on sale for only $6.99. The Belgian Boys stroopwafels are filled with delicious dutch caramel. Pick up a pack of eight and snack away!

If you need a snack for the entire family, there’s nothing they’ll enjoy more than a home-baked cake. The Invisible Chef’s Coffee & Tea Apple Spice cake mix on sale for $5.99, marked down from $6.95 while supplies last.

For a snack that will last for weeks, you can score a two-pound bag of Big & Yellow Red Gusseted Popcorn Kernel Bag popcorn for only $6.19. Or get a Movie Theater Meets Big & Yellow Dynamic Duo Popcorn Gift Set which comes with a 13-ounce bag of popcorn and movie theater style seasoning.

They also have a number of popcorn seasonings on sale, including the Bring Home the Bacon Popcorn Seasoning and Ooh La La French Toast Popcorn Seasoning if you want to kick up the flavor!

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Plant-Based and Diet Snacks

If you follow a specialty diet or are just trying to eat more healthily, Zulily has a large selection of healthy snacks. The Spicy Thai Chili Quinoa Chips are on sale for $5.49. They are vegan, gluten-free, kosher, and non-GMO.

You can also get veggie chips, Sante Fe Barbecue Rice Chips, Smoked Gouda Lentil Chips, and other healthy and crunchy snacks on sale. For sweeter snacks, Lucy’s is an excellent gluten-free option, and they produce a wide variety of snacks to satisfy any sweet tooth. From gluten-free sugar cookies to cinnamon-thins, you can eat healthily without the added ingredients.

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Shipping Offer

After your first order, you’ll receive free shipping on your next order. Simply place an order with Zulily for one small item, then use your free shipping offer to stock up on everything else. You’ll get more bang for your buck and you can have your items delivered directly to your door and save.