Find Out Who Price Matches Amazon: Get Faster Delivery

If you want to get non-essential items faster, you may need to get a price match. Since Amazon began prioritizing orders and slowing shipping of non-essential goods, some items don’t ship for an extended period of time.

The good news is, many stores will give you the same price as Amazon – all you have to do is ask! Find out which stores match Amazon and which ones won’t.

Yes! They Price-Match Amazon

Home Depot has one of the best price-matching policies you’ll find. Not only will they price-match Amazon – they’ll beat their price! Even with the slowed shipping times from Amazon, you may want to take advantage of their generous price policy all of the time.

The item must be in stock and sold by Amazon (no third-party) and cannot be used on clearance/closeout, open box/distressed, or liquidation items, but everything else is fair game and Home Depot beat the price by an extra 10%!

Best Buy will also price-match Amazon; however, they will only price-match one item per guest. The only thing they won’t price match is contract mobile phones.

Target’s policy nearly identical to Best Buy, but they will price-match more than one item per guest – just not on the same product. You can get price-matches on as many items as you’d like, but it is limited to one price-match for each different product.

Walmart kinda does and kinda doesn’t. If you want to get a price-match at Walmart for an identical item sold on Amazon you’ll have to shop online. They won’t price-match items in-store, but the Walmart website will!

Kohl’s is exactly the opposite of Walmart. You can get a price-match in-store, but not on Kohl’s website.

JCPenney also has a generous price-matching policy on most items. They’ll match the price and beat it by 5% with the exception of Sephora, salon, optical, portrait, and in-home custom window treatments or services.

They will also price-match major appliances, which can save you a bunch fo money; however, you will not get the extra 5% off.

Staples is known to have an excellent price-match policy as well. As long as the exact item is available for sale on their site, you can talk to their Customer Service chat and get that item price-matched for you. This is especially great when you’re looking for computer parts!

Other stores including Lowe’s, Fry’s Electronics, Office Depot, and Dick’s Sporting Goods will also price-match Amazon.

NO – They Do Not Price Match Amazon

Retailers that do not offer price-matching at all, or have excluded Amazon from their price-match policy include:

  • Gamestop
  • Dilliard’s
  • CVS
  • Hobby Lobby