Massive Discounts Applied as Ross Stores Re-Open

Ross stores began re-opening in select areas on May 14th. They are a major retailer with no online ordering system in place. During the coronavirus lockdown, they were unable to clear the inventory so their retail stores are now slashing prices across the board.

Although you’ll need to go in to shop, you can score some amazing once-in-a-lifetime deals on top brands. They are offering seniors and those with health concerns dedicated shopping hours between 9 a.m. and 10 a.m. every Tuesday.

Stores Open and Scheduled for Re-Opening

Ross stores have already opened some locations in select states. Stores in Oklahoma, Idaho, Montana, South Carolina, and Utah are now open to the public. Other stores are set to reopen on the 20th including stores in Missouri, Phoenix, Texas, Pennsylvania, Arkansas, Florida, and more.

To find out if your local Ross store is already open, or if they have a planned date for re-opening, you can use the store locator.

Ross Store Locator

What to Expect

Before you go, check the store hours. Ross has temporarily changed their hours of operation to provide more time for cleaning and sanitization between shopping days.

They have implemented a number of safety precautions to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Although it is not required, they do encourage patrons to wear a face mask and are providing disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer for both customers and associates.

The isles of all Ross stores will be one-way only. You’ll need to follow the directional cues and stick to the designated paths for shopping. You can shop with a bit more confidence as all Ross employees are being provided protective gear and employees will be required to undergo daily health checks prior to their shift.

Ross is also offering contactless payment options and has installed plexiglass shields at each of its stores’ checkout areas.

Amazing Deals and Steals

Ross is a second-chance retailer, meaning they buy products from other retailers when the merchandise has gone unsold. They then markdown the items and sell them at a discount.

Ross continues to drop the prices each week based on the amount of time the items has been in the store. After about 6 weeks products are marked down to as much as 70%.

Since the stores have all been closed for around 8 weeks now – expect many products in the store to be marked down by 70% or more. Although the stores closed to the public, Ross still had inventory coming in and stores will literally be bursting at the seams until they clear some of the merchandise.