Save Up To 50% + $20 Free at Thrive Market

If you’ve never heard about Thrive Market, it’s the place to shop for organic, gluten-free, keto, and specialty foods. They offer 25-50% off retail prices on over 6,000 products.

For those with special dietary needs and food allergies, Thrive Market makes it easy to shop. You can filter their product selection by 70+ dietary and lifestyle needs.

Shopping at Thrive Market

The first thing you should know is that shopping at Thrive Market requires a membership. Don’t let this scare you off–with savings of up to 50% off retail prices, you’ll earn it back in savings.

Thrive Market actually guarantees you’ll make back your membership fee. If you don’t make it all back your first year, they’ll credit you the difference when you renew your membership. The average customer saves $32 on every order.

A one-year membership is on sale for only $5 per, month which is billed annually. If you just want to try it, you can sign up for a free 30-day membership before you decide to join. You can also get a single month subscription for $9.95.

Right now, if you sign up for a 12-month subscription, you’ll get a $20 credit applied to your first order of $49 or more. This drops your yearly subscription from $60 to only $40 for the entire year. If you decide to cancel, you can do so at any time.

New members will also enjoy free shipping for all orders over $25. After that, you’ll need to spend $49 or more. Last but not least, for every membership Thrive Market sells, they match it with a free membership for a low-income family, veteran, teacher, or student.

Sign Up and Save

Is it Worth It?

We’ve already mentioned that Thrive Market will reimburse you the difference if you don’t save as much as your membership costs. My honest opinion is that if you prefer organic foods or follow a specialty diet, it’s definitely worth the membership.

As a vegan, I often find it difficult to find specialty vegan products at my local grocer. The selection is limited and I have to run to a specialty store for select items almost every time I shop. I honestly believe I spend more in gas running around to find products than the cost of a Thrive Market membership.

For a limited time, regardless of what membership type you choose, you can save 25% off your first order. If you choose the 1-year option, you’ll also get the free $20 credit, and every first-time customer will get free shipping when you spend just $25 or more.

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