Get 11% Off Everything at Menards


Menards’s “11% Off Everything” sale, which was published in their weekly ad, has been extended through June 27. The offer doesn’t get you an immediate discount, but you do get an 11% rebate to use in-store on future purchases.

Of course there are some exclusions, but for most items, you’ll qualify for the rebate. Get doors, outdoor canopies, windows, flooring, and pretty much everything else for less!

Rebate Details

Although you can shop online and pick up at your local Menards store, this offer is only valid for in-store purchases or store pickup orders. The rebate does not include any extended service agreements.

It is also only valid on merchandise in-stock at your local Menard’s and does not include keyme purchases, processing fees, packaging charges, propane purchases, event tickets, gift cards.

Other than that it seems everything else will truly get you 11% back via a rebate! The only downside to this deal is that you will have to mail-in your rebate and wait for your Menard’s credit check to shop in-store using the money you get back.

How to Claim

All of the Menard’s rebates are being processed by Rebates International. After you’ve mailed in your rebate, you can check the status of your rebate on the Rebates International website.

Once you’ve made your purchase you can detach the “rebate receipt” from the bottom of the receipt you will be given at the time of purchase or in-store pickup. Mail the rebate receipt along with the rebate form.

You can send in multiple receipts with one rebate form. The offer is only valid for purchases made between June 21, 2020, and June 27, 2020. Once you have mailed in your rebate you can track the status by entering your rebate receipt number, or by entering your address.

Be sure to make a copy of your original rebate receipts!

Download Rebate Form | Check Your Rebate

Beware the Home Depot Rebate Scam!

If you don’t have a Menards near you, Home Depot will likely not match this particular offer. According to their FAQ, the price guarantee does not include rebate offers.

Unfortunately, there is a scam going around that has what appears to be a legit offer from Home Depot in regards to the Menards sale.

I checked out the web address, which included the name “Home Depot” in the URL, and it looks like a legitimate Home Depot website. It even has an online submission form making it easy to get a “rebate” from Home Depot that matches the Menards offer.

I dug into this, and it’s a scam. According to the registration from the website and URL (which we will not publish to thwart the scammers’ efforts) the site is owned by Home Depot Product Authority, LLC. According to the Better Business Bureau, this is not a legitimate business.

In addition, when I pulled up the company’s supposed address that’s written on their site registration, Google Maps showed a near-desolate street.

Feel free to ask a Home Depot associate, but we’re calling this a legit scam, and advise against entering any personal information on the site.