Best Buy Back-to-School Deals You Don’t Want to Miss

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It’s time for back-to-school sales! Every year at this time, retailers roll out the sales in hopes of capturing a chunk of that back-to-school profit. 

This year, the National Retail Federation expects families to spend an average of $798 during the back to school season, compared to last year’s $698.  As a result, there are great deals everywhere.

Best Buy has deals on headphones, laptops, TVs, and those super-expensive calculators your high school and college students need for school.  There are plenty of fun items on sale for your student or yourself!


Need a new TV? Turns out they are on sale for students moving away to college. You don’t have to be a student to take advantage of the deals, though, so snag them up while you can.

You can save $50 on an Insignia 40” TV with a full 1080 HD resolution. That brings the price down to only $139 for an LED HD television that has over 8500 five star reviews. 

If you were looking for something a little smaller, Best Buy has an Insignia 22” TV for $30 off, bringing the price down to a very affordable $89. This TV also has over 8500 five star reviews. With prices this low for an HD TV, the only question you should be asking is where you are going to put your new TV.


Possibly the most important purchase on everyone’s mind right now is a laptop. With so many schools going online and businesses still working from home, laptops are in high demand. 

Best Buy has some sales for those of you still needing to make a computer purchase.

Certain Macbook Airs are on sale for $100 off.  If you are a Windows person and have been considering a Surface, Best Buy has you covered there, too.  Certain models of the Microsoft Surface on are on sale for a crazy $300 off.  

They also have $100 off select Dell 2-in-1 laptops. These act as both a laptop and a tablet, much like the Surface does.  They’re also offering $100 off the Samsung Galaxy Book laptop. This one also acts as a tablet or laptop.

TI Calculators

Best Buy has 10% off the calculators that annually send parents into sticker shock. Check which version your student needs before purchasing, as some models aren’t allowed in certain school settings. 

iPads and Earphones

Best Buy also has select iPads $50 off, and a few great deals on earphones.  You can score select Jabra wireless earbuds for only $20 with the purchase of a Chromebook priced at $299 or more.

These wireless earbuds are highly rated. Plus, this is a fantastic price if you are already thinking of picking up a Chromebook. 

You can also save 20% on select JLab earphones and 50% on select JBL earphones. 

Now is a terrific time to score some great deals on electronics that everyone can appreciate, especially in the current work- and learn-from-home environment.