Everything You Need to Know About the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale


The Nordstrom Anniversay Sale will save you big – provided you know when to shop! If you’re looking for new workout apparel, clothing, or shoes, you don’t want to miss this sale.

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is one of the biggest sales at Nordstrom you could possibly take advantage of all year. Although sales are not the Nordstrom “way”, it’s a celebration – and they are passing out deals like champagne to celebrate!

Score These Deals!

The Anniversary Sale doesn’t come around often. In fact, it is a rare occasion you’ll find deals like this at Nordstrom. With consumer habits shifting away from purchasing work and dress apparel, it should come as no surprise that the best deals involve workout brands like Patagonia, Nike, Puma, and more.

Aside from reducing inventory for unsold stock, Nordstrom is pulling out all of the stops and offering savings that consumers want and need. They’ve obviously committed to offering work-from-home clothing deals with the huge selection of workout gear and athleisure included in the sale.

The best time to shop these deals varies by day, and by your level of loyalty. Find out when to shop and save by reading on!

Anniversary Sale Schedule

First thing’s first: The sale doesn’t start until August 19. However, if you want to get the best deals while they last, you should sign up for The Nordy Club.

Those who are members get preferential shopping, so do this now to get deals sooner than non-club members. After that, here are the dates to be on the lookout for. Mark your calendars for a shopping event that only comes once per year at Nordstrom!

Beginning August 4, members that have an ‘Icons’ status at Nordstrom can shop the sale early. ‘Ambassador’ status members can begin shopping on August 7. ‘Influencers’ can take advantage of the savings beginning August 10. As a member, if you are an Insider-level membership holder, you can get your hands on the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale on August 13.

As for everyone else – you can start shopping and saving on August 19. By August 30, the deals are gone forever…or at least until next year. Sign up for the Nordy Club now to shop and save.

Membership levels start at $15k in past spending on a Nordstrom Credit Card. The Nordy Club is free to sign up for, but membership levels vary by the amount you’ve spent.

Sign Up for Nordy Club