Spotify has some pretty great offers right now! They have a free version of their service and a premium version. The free version is nice, but as you would expect, it has limited features. You can only skip songs six times an hour. The free version is ad-supported, which also means you have to listen to constant ads. It’s a good way to give the service a try without any commitment, but once you do, you may quickly find you want the premium version.  

If you want to give the premium version a try, now is a fantastic time to do it!

Get 3 Ad-Free Months + Extra Features

Right now, if you sign up for a new Spotify premium service and you select PayPal from the dropdown at checkout, you will get three months of Spotify Premium FREE! 

After the free trial period, you’ll pay the usual $9.99 a month after – or you can cancel before being billed.  

That’s it! Just commit to paying with PayPal, and you get three months of Spotify Premium completely free!

This is a great opportunity to give Spotify a try and enjoy uninterrupted music for a full three months. Whether you’ve been thinking about trying a streaming service to complement your work-from-home lifestyle or you just want free tunes, you have nothing to lose!

Student Discounts

If you are a college student, Spotify has an incredible deal for you. Rather than the normal price of $9.99, you only pay $4.99 a month. For that low price, they are throwing in free Hulu and Showtime for one month. Yes, this is all just for five bucks a month!

To get this incredible deal, you have to be a student at an accredited higher education institution. It’s super easy to sign up, and you’ll get the service for half off the regular price!

Other Plans

Spotify also offers discounts on other plans.  They have recently begun offering a plan called Duo.  It’s a discounted plan for, you guessed it – two people. You get two premium accounts for two people under the same roof for $12.99

They also give you a special Duo Mix playlist for two that is regularly updated with music the two of you enjoy. No more poking through options to agree on tunes – car trips just got a lot more simple. If you are a new customer, you get one month free when you sign up. 

Spotify also offers a family plan. For $14.99 a month, you get up to SIX premium accounts. If you are a new customer, you also get a free month with this plan.

This plan includes a Family Mix playlist like the Duo, but it incorporates music you all enjoy.  They also offer Spotify Kids, which is a special app for children 12 and under. 

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