Hundreds of School Supply Deals at Target – To Buy or Not to Buy?

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As parents, there are so many unanswered questions regarding the upcoming school year. Do I buy supplies only to watch school be canceled? Do I decide to homeschool? Do I even know what’s happening?

Trust me, millions of parents are facing the exact dilemma as you. This is one of many reasons you may want to stock up on ‘required’ school supplies. Whether or not your child’s school is in session, you can save money big time.

Deals Right Now

There are some deals you should take advantage of now – others, I’d wait on. The reason I say to wait is that school supplies may be overstocked, and retailers will figure that out quickly.

You can save on hundreds of products at Target right now. What is really obvious is that the great sales all have to do with your kid attending school in person. The best deals seem to be fashion-related.

However, they’re offering other sales, too. You can get great deals on school supplies you’ll need regardless of where your child will be attending school.

Get Yoobi stationary supplies during their buy one, get one 25% off special, for example. No matter where your child learns, they’ll need pencils, a pencil sharpener, and notepads to get the most out of their learning experience. Yoobi offers all this and more.

Shop Yoobi Sale

In addition, you can get half off Crayola Colored Pencils. This incredible sale prices them at only .99 cents each, compared to $1.89. Other “fashion” sales should also be considered because when classes are officially confirmed, those discounts may be hard to find.

The current trendy school supply deals include pom faux furred pens by More Than Magic, notebooks, highlighters, and more. Target has a huge selection of More Than Magic supplies, which are also buy one, get one 25% off.

Wait or Buy?

If you are unclear about what your child’s school year will look like, take some time to decide. If they are attending classes remotely, you may not need many supplies, depending on the curriculum. For parents who still don’t have a definitive answer, the last thing you want to do is scramble.

Take advantage of the sales, but wait on buying anything full-price. Once schools decide for sure if they will be open or closed, the prices of school supplies will adjust in your area.

Although there are no guarantees, my bet is that school supplies will be overstocked and undersold within the next few weeks. This means great savings for those looking to stock up on essential supplies later on.