The Hottest Toys to Buy Kids For Christmas


Whether you have children of your own or are planning to buy gifts for little ones, it can be a challenge to know what they’d want.

Let’s face it, shopping for toys was so much easier 20 years ago. There were fewer options and everything felt straightforward.

Now, because there are so many different types of toys, it can be hard to even know what’s considered “cool.”

So, in order to prevent you from stressing out, we’ve compiled a list of some of the hottest toys of 2020. 

From Star Wars characters to old fashioned dolls, this list is bound to have something for the kiddo in your life. 


LEGO Super Mario Adventures Starter Course ($59.99) — LEGOs never go out of style, no matter what decade we’re living in, and this interactive set will keep kids busy for hours.

Dolls/Action Figures

Star Wars The Child (“Baby Yoda”) Animatronic Edition ($59.99) — who hasn’t become obsessed with Baby Yoda in 2020? This toy is great for the aspiring Jedi in your life.

Trolls World Tour Pop-to-Rock Poppy Singing Doll ($25.99) — Trolls World Tour came out earlier this year, and that’s probably only something you know if you’re a parent. 

With this doll, Poppy can change up her look and she sings “Trolls Just Wanna Have Fun.”

American Girl Courtney Doll & Book ($110) — American Girl dolls have been around for a while, but they always come out with a new doll for a new generation. 

Courtney is an ‘80s girl who loves playing arcade games and wearing bright colors.

For the Babies/Toddlers

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Grow-the-Fun Garden to Kitchen ($64) — if you’re needing a gift for a toddler or baby, this is a great option.

It’s two-sided, so they can play in the garden on one side and then cook up some food in the kitchen on the other!

Slime Time

Play-Doh Slime Variety 6-Pack ($14.99) — slime is all the rage these days and this pack offers a variety of texture options (crackle, cloud, and foam).

Just don’t let them play with this stuff in a fancy room of the house, because things can get a little messy.

Board Games Are Still Fun

Marvel Villainous board game ($34.99) — some people like being a good guy like Captain America or Iron Man, but other times it’s fun to be bad.

In this board game, you can play as one of the fan-favorite Marvel villains, such as Hela, Ultron, Killmonger, or the big bad, Thanos.