Deals You Don’t Want to Miss: Smartphone Discounts, AirPods Max, and More


You’re always in the market for deals, right? Nothing feels quite like scoring a great discount on something you were already planning on buying. Today we’ve got a whole heap of savings just for you!

OnePlus 9

The new hotness in the world of smartphones is 5G. The newest standard for wireless communications is blazingly fast, but you need a phone with specialized radio receivers to use these new speeds. If you’re looking to upgrade to a 5G phone without breaking the bank, then you’re singing OnePlus’s song. This excellent budget smartphone manufacturer helps you stay current with the latest tech without spending all of your hard-earned cash.

The OnePlus 9, which only released in late 2020, is already marked down to a great discount. As long as you like the Winter Mist color, you can get this excellent phone for just $687 over at Amazon right now. That’s a good discount from the retail price of $730 and will help you keep up with the rapidly-changing world of smartphone technology.

This phone sports a very long battery life, a great display, fast-charging technology, and a deceptively powerful processor. You can’t go wrong with OnePlus, they offer you some of the best bang for your buck in the smartphone category.

AirPods Max

If you were hoping Apple’s extremely pricey AirPods Max would go on sale soon, we’ve got good news for you: the over-ear big brother to the AirPods is marked down at Amazon today. It’s not a huge discount: though they normally retail for $550, Amazon has the AirPods Max marked down to $500 right now.

If that price tag seems a bit too high, take a look at the features on display with the AirPods Max. These cans boast active noise canceling that rivals companies like Bose and Sony. They sport robust sound quality that makes you feel like you’re seeing a band live in concert. What’s more, as these are made by Apple, they’re naturally extremely comfortable and have a premium feel that makes them well worth their steep price tag.

Scott Pilgrim vs the World: The Game

The excellent video game adaptation of the excellent movie adaptation of the excellent comic book Scott Pilgrim is finally back on digital storefronts. And it’s still as fun as it ever was, to boot! You can get this great 16-bit inspired title on sale at Microsoft’s site for just $10 right now. That’s a downright steal for how much fun you and up to three friends can have while battling through the snowy streets of Toronto to defeat Ramona Flowers’ seven evil exes.