Even More Ways That Quitting Smoking Can Save You Money


You’ve heard all there is to hear about how good quitting smoking can be for your body and for your wallet. You’ve probably even seen our very own article about how quitting smoking can save you money. We pointed out things like the relatively inexpensive price of smoking cessation options, the high costs of medical bills, and the wages you’d lose staying out of work for issues caused by smoking.

Today, we’re looking at even more ways that you could save money by quitting smoking. If you haven’t been convinced yet, maybe these points will help you kick the habit using smoking cessation techniques or good, old-fashioned willpower.

Selling Your House

If you smoke indoors, you’ve already caused damage to your house. You might not have even noticed, but the rooms where you smoke will have suffered damage to the walls and ceiling. Yellow spots from tobacco can develop over time, and the scent lingers for years even after you stop smoking.

When you go to sell your house down the line, if you were a frequent smoker, it’s going to impact the home’s value. There’s little you can do about this in a short amount of time. The smell will fade eventually, and you can repaint the walls and ceiling to cover the yellowing. However, the longer you smoke, the more lasting and noticeable the impact on your home will be. And, consequently, this means you lower the resale value of your house every time you light up.

Selling Your Car

Everything you just learned about smokers selling their homes applies to cars, too. Cars are already difficult to sell, and they’re far from investments. As soon as you drive a new car off the dealership lot, it loses a huge amount of its value. From there, every little scratch and ding really adds up.

Add things like burn holes in the upholstery, the lingering scent of smoke, and even ash and tar buildup in the vents and you can see how smoking makes it even harder to get a decent amount of money for your old car.

Selling Anything, Really

Your old clothes? They’ll be hard to get rid of if they sport burn holes and the tell-tale smell of tobacco. Older video game systems you want to sell? They’re yellowed with tobacco and unsightly, so you’ll get much less for them.

You might be noticing a pattern. Everything around you gets less valuable when you’re smoking. Your actions don’t just hurt your health, they also hurt the resale value of anything you own. So, if you needed just one more reason to quit smoking, consider the lost money you could be getting if you would quit today.