Today’s Best Deals: Resident Evil Village, PlayStation Now Subscription, and More


Today’s deals are all about the games. If you’re looking to sink your teeth into a new adventure, then our roundup of the best gaming deals on the internet is for you. Let’s get into the game!

Resident Evil Village

The recently released Resident Evil Village isn’t a spinoff title, but the next entry in the main series. The game sees the player taking the role of Ethan Winters once again after the everyman protagonist narrowly avoided a grim fate in the previous title. This time, events send him careening into a hair-raising adventure in Europe, where he is stalked by werewolves, vampires, and unspeakable horrors.

The game only launched last month but there are already plenty of deals on it. Today’s best deal on the survival horror masterpiece is over at Eneba, where the title is marked down to $42 when you use the code VillagePeople. Notably, this deal is only for the PC version of the game, so console players are out of luck this time. However, the game runs beautifully on PC, making this a title well worth picking up.

PlayStation Now Subscription

Streaming games is a blast if your internet is up to the challenge. Sony’s offering, PS Now, allows players on PlayStation consoles to stream a wide variety of classic and modern titles. If you’re looking for a cheap way to play a wide variety of games, then PS Now is what you’re looking for. You can get a 12-month subscription to the service for $44 right now over at Newegg.

Likewise, if you need to refresh your PS Plus subscription, that’s on sale for $44 at Newegg today, too. If you haven’t tried PS Plus yet, it’s worth it just for the free games you get every month. Each month, new titles are rolled out for you to download and keep as long as you have a subscription. Nonstop games!

Razer Kishi

Speaking of game streaming, one of the most popular platforms for streaming games is mobile phones. After all, everyone has a cell phone, and what’s better than streaming a game right to your phone? Of course, playing a game with a touch screen when it was designed for a controller can be a hassle. That’s where the Razer Kishi comes in!

The Kishi essentially turns your phone into a handheld device, with the two halves each sitting at one end of your phone. It looks sort of like a Nintendo Switch when it’s clasped onto your phone. Right now, the Android version is marked down to $68 at Amazon, while the iPhone version is down to $82.

If you’ve been looking for a way to make mobile gaming that much more exciting, this is the device for you.