The Best Apps That Will Save You Money While Shopping


Long gone are the days of clipping coupons in magazines in order to save a buck, now you can do all your saving through your handy dandy mobile device.

Coupon apps have really changed the game in terms of saving cash, as they’ve not only made saving easier, but they’ve also made it more accessible.

Read on to find out more about the apps you should download if you’re looking to save money during your next shopping trip.


Ibotta is a great app because you don’t have to do anything at the register to save cash. In fact, all you have to do is upload a photo of your receipt to the app and you’ll get cashback!

Once your total adds up to $20, you can cash out and use that money during your next shopping trip. 

Not to mention, you can also scan barcodes to see if rebates are available on any item.


Savings sure are sweet, thanks to Honey (sorry, we just had to make that pun). 

Just install the app into your web browser and Honey will search for the best coupons to help you save money, no matter what site you’re shopping on. 

That’s right, you don’t have to do any work or spend hours searching for coupon codes on the internet, Honey will do it all for you.


Have you ever purchased something from one store but then find it at a different store weeks later for a lot cheaper?

It’s never fun to miss out on a deal, which is why ShopSavvy is so handy.

It’s essentially a price comparison tool, so it’ll compare prices for an item you’re looking to buy and show you the cheapest price. 


Instead of carrying around a book full of coupons, just rely on SnipSnap instead.

If you find a product that you like, just take a photo of it and SnipSnap will bring up coupons available for that item.

It’ll also share if it’s cheaper to buy the product online or at a different store, so you don’t have to spend time wondering if you’d find it at a lower price somewhere else. 


If you’re planning on making a Target run or are doing a big online purchase, consult RetailMeNot first.

After entering the store you’re planning to go to into the app, it’ll reveal all the savings and coupons available at that specific store. 

Now you can go shopping knowing exactly what’s on sale and how to save some money.