Today’s Deals: Massive Nintendo Switch eShop Sale


Each week, we bring you the best deals from around the web. Today, Switch gamers are in luck, as Nintendo is hosting a massive eShop sale. Several first-party Nintendo titles are on sale right now, which is exciting for gamers who want to get new games on a budget. After all, most Nintendo games stay at their full retail price for years after their release!

The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening

The delightful Switch remake of the classic Game Boy game Link’s Awakening is on sale right now for just $42. That’s $18 off its normal price of $60, making this the best time yet to buy the adorable remake. In this bite-sized 2D Zelda game, you control a tin-toy version of Link as he explores the diminutive island of Koholint. 

As Link explores the island, he has to collect legendary instruments and use them to awaken the Wind Fish, a godlike entity who is somehow dreaming the island into existence. However, this is a bittersweet journey, as when the dream ends, Link will lose the friends he’s made on the otherworldly island.

Castlevania Advance Collection

If you’re looking for a retro Castlevania adventure, sink your teeth into Castelvania Advance Collection, which bundles Circle of the Moon, Harmony of Dissonance, and Aria of Sorrow. These three iconic Game Boy Advance Games are just as fun now as they were when they first hit the Nintendo handheld system 20 years ago!

These entries are in the “Metroidvania” genre, meaning that they share more elements in common with Symphony of the Night than with the original NES Castlevania. The collection is on sale for $12 right now, a huge discount on three all-time excellent games.

Cadence of Hyrule

Are you ready to groove, dance, and boogie your way to victory through the iconic world of Hyrule? In Crypt of the Necrodancer: Cadence of Hyrule, you can play as Link, Zelda, and a handful of other playable characters in a rhythm-based dungeon-crawling roguelike. Players have to move on the beat as they navigate a grid-based world and can only issue actions at specified intervals.

This makes Cadence of Hyrule feel like an engrossing dance, as each level has a different beat you need to learn in order to excel. The game is currently on sale for just $17.50, marked down from its usual price of $25. Hurry to grab this deal before it’s gone, as this game rarely goes on sale!